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Fardar international Express (FDE) was established in 1982 in Taipei. In the early stage, our business based on the  import and export customs clearance and entered the express delivery as market needed.  We entered Hong Kong and the mainland market in 1988, and successively opened dozens of direct sales offices in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Thus, a larger express delivery company is gradually formed.


We started to layout international business in order to meet the market demand from the beginning of 2006.   And started the express delivery business in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and South Africa and so on with the mode of direct or affiliate sales offices.   We focus on the one stop international logistics supply chain services including customer air  or sea express delivery service , warehousing, distribution, etc..  Till now, we are continuously carry out business in other countries to enhance the demand for market expansion


Since 2016, the FARDAR brand has been fully upgraded to FDE (FARDAR EXPRESS), and the upgraded FDE will provide customers with more comprehensive, high quality and professional customized services based on international standards.


FDE closely follow the great opportunity of international logistics development, continuously improve the ability of logistics resources integration.  Currently has the trade-leading information system, enabling customers to experience the technical advantages brought by online and offline.  A three-dimensional service mode is provided for the convenient services of customers with integration of the PC plus mobile network in the mobile phone APP, WeChat, 400, the official website and etc.  Due to the needs of customer business, we establish the long-term development solutions.  FDE has been committed to expanding the international logistics market thirty-five years, has obvious advantages in market share.


Traveled or worked despite of wind and rain for decades, self satisfied again year by year.  Thoroughly tempered will, aiming for a new chapter.  In this magnificent era of big logistics, FDE people will dedicate themselves to the tremendous changes of the times, return to the beginning of struggle oriented; focus on entrusted object till arrival by heart, let life surpass and wonderful.


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    • 发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 06
      仓储服务的范围包括各种不同类型的仓储服务,如普通货物的仓储(件货、散货、成套设备等)、冷冻仓储、鲜活仓储、危险品仓储、保税仓储(bonded warehousing)等,保税仓储属于海关特殊监管区域的仓储,需要由海关批准并处于海关的监管之下。 我司可为您提供各种进出口货物和内贸货物的多种仓储服务,包括入库、出库、储存、装卸搬运、分拣、整理打包、组装、分拨以及保税仓储、监管车等。 仓库配套智能卸货平台、标准的立体高位货架和专业的标准电商架货、 电力叉车、手动叉车、PDA、无线扫描枪等等硬件设备;同时我们还 拥有一套强捍的海外仓电商ERP、WMS系统,实现平台无缝对接, 实时监控订单处理、库存状态情况; 我们致力提供优质的服务给每一位跨境电商的客户,帮助卖家更好 的追求本土化、正规化、全球化、个性化,降低物流运营成本. 产品服务 服务范围 华东、华南、港台、东南亚、南亚所属直营公司 业务范围 FBA货物转运、FBA库存调拔、订单代发货、亚马逊退货处理、FBA换标服务、运输、装卸、仓储、包装、商品质检、进口转运、反向物流等各种个性化服务。 时效要求截单时间前接收的订单,确保当天出库,次日上网。 资费标准  发货流程
    • 发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 05
      Service itemsScope - Services cover 220 countries and regionsPrice - has 20~60% discount of the Taiwan or Hong Kong UPS Express official announcement priceTimeline - Worldwide delivery arrive in 2-5 business days.Enquiries - detail online package delivery informations.Price charges1.HKUPS price can be found directly on the website: http://www.fardar.com (20~60% discount of the UPS Express official announcement price)2.HKUPS volumetric weight is calculated as: length cm X width cm X height cm / 5000, if the goods volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, according to the volume weigh...
      UPS International Express, the world's largest express carrier and package delivery company, is also a leading provider of specialized transportation, logistics and e-commerce services.  FDE International Express is Hong Kong UPS international express delivery partners and your preferred international express delivery service with the most favorable price.
    • 发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 03
      International air transport platform focuses on the contracted container board and chartering a cabin, LTL(less than container load)general cargo, large and special cargo transport; and on air and air transport, sea and air transport and international multimodal transport services; our air lines  cover Asia, Europe, North America, Africa; to undertake ATA exhibitions, personal items , Garment Accessories, Auto Parts, Electronics, Medical Equipment, Claims / Rework Parts.  We provide oversea airport clearance, import tariff, land transportation, door to door handover. Exports in ...
      International air transport platform is FDE international express delivery to domestic and foreign customers with group branch offices, oversea companies, oversea  partners providing China's ports to the whole world export booking, transport, management and service supports.
    • 发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 28
      Service items1.Taiwan express one working day before arrival (except holidays).2.Taiwan air transport plus 1-2 working days.  Delivery areaTaoyuan, Taichung, Hsinchu, Taichung, Miaoli, Tainan, KaohsiungNot delivery areaYilan, Pingtung, Keelung, Hualien, Taitung, Suao, Magong, Penghu, (need additional remote delivery fee, and additional 1-2 working days) Schools, department stores (do not provide on-site delivery, need to pick up from our branch office) .Precautions1. The weight of a single piece can not exceed 70KG and the size can not exceed 120CM * 80CM * 80CM (L * W * H). ...
      Founded in Taipei in 1982, FDE entered the markets of Hong Kong and mainland China in 1988 and opened dozens of direct sales offices.  We operate import and export express business in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and owns nearly 30 years of express special line services experiences in Taiwan.
    • 发布时间: 2019 - 05 - 18
      International sea transport platform focused on the container, groceries and large equipment export shipping; provide FCL(Full Container Load ) and LCL(Less than container load) door to door service, international multi-modal transport services; to undertake China to oversea EPC, BOT ... project logistics. Export volume in 2016: 36,000 TEUs(Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) of containers, 64,000 tons of  groceries, 35 voyage charters, issued 185,000 sea waybills, and 5,000 pieces for international multi-modal transport bills. Import volume in 2016: 12,000 TEUs of ...
      International sea transport platform is Shanghai for east Asia to provide domestic and international customers and with group branch offices, oversea companies, oversea partners  to provide China's ports to the whole world export booking, transport, management and service supports.
  • 解决方案 / Solutions
    • 发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 25
      运气很不好,这次我碰见的报检手续极为烦琐:首先,我报检的是一个木箱,但我的产品是属于免检的;其次,我们早已定仓,货物急需出口,可偏偏是非直通;再次,报检内容更改了2次。于是,我填写了更改书,填写了急事急办申请书,花了整整一个下午的时间,跑上跑下,终于把手续办妥,领到检疫证书。下面是我在这次实践中总结出来的,希望对大家有用,我处涉单证,请前辈多多指教,有不足之处请提出,大家互相学习。问题一:改证当电子报检发送成功且接到回执后,发现有不符点需要修改时,该怎么办呢?直通和非直通企业情况不同,请看如下步骤:直通企业: 填写更改申请表,加盖公章或者是报检专用章。(其中申请表内容包括:申请人,联系电话,货名和数量,原发证编号,更改内容,更该原因。)交给代理报检大厅代理报检B窗口。非直通企业:1. 填写更改申请,加盖公章或者是报检专用章;2. 到施检部门签名;3. 到检务处大厅0号窗口签名;4. 将申请表及相关资料交至代理报检大厅代理报检B窗口.(改证会收取一定的手续费。)  问题二: 急事急办当你的货物急着出口,且已经定好仓,而你需要报检的产品却是非直通的,那么你该怎么办才可以尽快的拿到检验证书呢?1.填写急事急办申请书,加盖公章;2.拿到施检部门(如动植物检疫处在701办公室,具体位置请看中间走廊的标志)签名;(经审核,施检人员一般都会将你的单字放掉。)3.到三楼301房间检疫处签名,同时在...
    • 发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 25
      开讲啦 (http://tv.cctv.com/lm/kjl/)
    • 发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 25
      1、 物流过程中哪几个环节会涉及到货物保险?有什么样的险种?答:在物流作业过程中,只要涉及货物作业、监管的运作环节都有可能涉及货物保险问题。一般保险最受重视的环节有仓储作业、空运、海运、陆路运输作业阶段。很多情况下港口作业过程的保险是作为运输保险的一部分投保的。海运过程中的险种分基本险和附加险,基本险又分平安险、水渍险和一切险三种。陆路运输过程中的险种主要有陆运险和陆运一切险两种。航空运输过程中的保险分为航空运输险和航空运输一切险两种。2、保险公司在货损或货物灭失时行使的代位求偿权需要注意哪些问题?答:在物流保险法律关系中,物流合同的一方与保险人订立保险合同。在非保险合同双方当事人的原因造成货损或货物灭失的情况下,保险人先向货物利益方进行赔偿,而后取得货物利益方的地位,有权向责任人追偿。此时应注意以下几个问题。首先,在事前确定货物利益方没有私自放弃任何有关损坏货物的任何权利,这是为确保保险人理赔后权利能够得到充分弥补。其次,保险人理赔后,应当取得与代位求偿及诉讼的一切相关证据,并应取得货物利益方的配合。再次,注意财产保全与证据保全。物流保险合同往往标的较大,必要时需要行使财产保全以确保保险人的利益。最后,物流法律关系错综复杂,专业性很强,所以在事前与事后法律咨询上要选择物流、海事方面的专业律师。3 如何办理保险索赔程序?答:在发生货损或货物灭失,办理保险索赔时,需要经过以下程序:首...
    • 发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 25
    • 发布时间: 2014 - 07 - 01
    • 发布时间: 2017 - 10 - 23
    • 发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 25
    • 发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 25
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